Acrylic Glass print by Saal Digital – Review

Over the past few years I have been searching for the best possible way to display my night photography in print format as wall decor which is why I was super excited when Saal Digital offered to send me one of their wall decor products to review.

After looking through the print options Saal Digital have to offer in their wall decors range  (Pictured Below) I decided to ask them to send me one of their sleek acrylic glass pieces as I know these work brilliantly with night and astro photography and they really give prints that extra wow factor!

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.11.17
Available wall decors

I chose use my northern lights photo which I captured in the Cairngorm National Park, Scotland in March 2016 on one of my astro photography trips. I knew straight away I wanted to pick this image before I began selection so that part was fairly easy.

You may wonder why specifically that image? Well.. The image itself holds some very bright greens and pinks and given that it’s night photography there is a fair amount of blacks in the photo, like most of my photography. The image was chosen so I could really put Saal Digital to the test – I wanted to see how the print process fared with the light and dark contrast of the northern lights.

The design software which Saal Digital provide is very easy to use, you can’t go wrong with it. The interface is very simple to get to grips with, you can even add layers, shapes and backgrounds to your design within their software giving it that added touch.

Saal-Digital Design Software Interface
Saal-Digital Print Software Interface
Saal-Digital Print Software

Saal also provide you with all of the ICC profiles you will need for soft proofing your images in Photoshop or Lightroom before you send your image to print plus they provide detailed steps on installing and embedding the profiles into your desired program. You can also find the information you will need to successfully calibrate your monitor.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.10.59
Saal-Digital ICC Profiles

So how did they do?

Acrylic 30 x 45 Wall Decor
Studio Shot of my Acrylic 30 x 45 Wall Decor from Saal Digital

The turn around time on the production process and delivery from Germany was just 4 days which I think is very good and extremely competitive. The acrylic panel was packed in a flat cardboard parcel, with an extra additional protective film layer over the front surface to prevent it from any scratches in transit.

The print turned out absolutely fantastic! I can’t fault the quality one bit. The colours have come out exactly to how they were in the proofing process plus the blacks have stayed black and the highlights haven’t blown out at all and they were the main concerns I had when waiting for it to arrive here in York.

Studio Shot
Taken in my home studio to show the high quality.

The acrylic panel itself is also very well made with nice, crisp corners and edges which makes it look very high quality. I chose a print size of 30 x 45 at 5mm thick however, they do offer a 10mm thickness which would really give your wall decor that added depth and extra shine. Saal provide a wide range of available sizes for print and if you can’t find one you want, you can choose a custom size option to fit your needs.

Technical Specs
  • 5 mm or 10 mm acrylic glass
  • six-colour UV direct printing, incl. light colours
  • directly printed on acrylic glass
  • custom size available
  • different mounting options available
Corner Detail
Studio shot of corner detail

Saal offer a good range of different mounting options for you to choose from, I chose an aluminum sub frame as I already knew these look great when displaying photography like this as they give the illusion the print is floating off the wall.

Mounting Options
Different Mounting Options


I am very impressed with the entire process and the quality in the final outcome. The quality in this product is brilliant and I am already planning on ordering more for the potential use in my upcoming exhibition. Saal Digital have been fantastic and very helpful every step of the way and they replied to my queries very promptly too which is great.

I will be working closely with Saal on future projects when I require gallery and acrylic prints as the quality they provide combined with their competitive prices really make them at the top of their game.




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