Bluestreak Arts Leaflet

A3 folded leaflet and poster art produced for BlueStreak Arts, a creative arts social enterprise who deliver exceptional creative activities and produce community artworks to promote positive well-being.

BlueStreak Arts tasked me with designing them a new A3 folded leaflet which helped to promote a select number of their creative and arts events and classes which they deliver across the north west of England.

The leaflet was to be folded from A3, down to A5, one side of the leaflet was to have panels which had a brief descriptions or images showcasing the work they produce, the other side was to have an eye catching design or illustration which would be part of a creative poster give-away around Preston to help promote creativity within the community.

With the featured art I decided to produce a more typographic piece of work, I wanted the design to show what people in the community thought about BlueStreak Arts and the work that they do. I used words which were submitted by individuals to this project who had experienced BlueStreak Arts in some way.